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sample - definition of sample by the Free Online Dictionary ... 
sample - take a sample of; "Try these new crackers"; "Sample the regional dishes" taste, try, try out. ... pilot, illustrative Nearly 65 per cent of the sample population agreed with this statement. 2. specimen, test, trial, pilot, dummy Let's go through one more sample study to make sure you ...   Email Link   Quick Look » Free Samples, Free Product Samples, Product ... 
Welcome to, your ultimate guide to free product samples, all kinds of freebies and giveaways, free coupons, and other aspects of product test marketing.   Email Link   Quick Look
Sample | Define Sample at 
The sample should be collected during the acute phase of the infection, which is the period in which you are having diarrhea. These should be fairly quick to write and will become the sample chapters for your final proposal.
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Sample (statistics) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
In statistics and quantitative research methodology, a data sample is a set of data collected and/or selected from a statistical population by a defined procedure.
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Sample - Definition and More from the Free Merriam-Webster ... 
The sample included 96 women over the age of 40. A random sample of people filled out the survey. We looked at a representative sample of public schools. Origin of SAMPLE. Middle English, from Anglo-French sample, essample, from Latin exemplum — more at example.
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Target Samples 
How It Works. Start by clicking the "Request Sample" button. To request a sample, you must have cookies enabled on your browser. A window will prompt you to answer a few survey questions.   Email Link   Quick Look
Sample - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 
Sample or samples may refer to: Sample (statistics), a subset of a population Sample (signal), a digital discrete sample of a continuous analog signal Sample (material), a specimen or small quantity of something Sample (graphics), an intersection of a color channel and a pixel Sample, Kentucky ...   Email Link   Quick Look
Free Product Samples - MySavings 
No strings attached. Get hundreds of legitimate free product samples from brand name companies. Free shipping.
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Sample -- from Wolfram MathWorld 
Sample. A sample is a subset of a population that is obtained through some process, possibly random selection or selection based on a certain set of criteria, for the purposes of investigating the properties of the underlying parent population.   Email Link   Quick Look
All Free Samples - Sample Products by Mail & Online Freebies! 
All Free Samples is the best source for free product samples by mail and online. Find tons of free sample products in categories like candy, beauty products, food, makeup, cosmetics, condoms, perfume, cologne, baby, diet pills, etc.   Email Link   Quick Look
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